"HauntingLive is a paranormal podcast with LIVE investigations and interviews with paranormal guests"

What our podcast is about

HauntingLive Podcast is a paranormal podcast with live investigations and interviews with paranormal guests. HauntingLive Podcast is based on people in the paranormal sharing their experiences with a fresh new guest each episode.

Show topics can be anything in the paranormal but our main focus is on Psychics and Mediums sharing their spiritual journey from how they entered the Mediumship field to where they are now.

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HauntingLive Podcast brings you a fresh new guest each episode so that means we bring you fresh new content each episode. Our guests are based somewhere in the paranormal field and we bring their journey to light to share with our audience what they do and share their experiences so that someone like you may be going through the same. The range of discussion in the paranormal field is vast so are the lives of our amazing guests and we delve into their past history of where they began their spiritual journey to where they are now and discuss their experiences along the way.

We have found that one of the most amazing journeys one can have in the paranormal field is that of being a Psychic Medium. Hense why we tend to focus on Mediums, but we bring any guest that wants to talk about their love of the paranormal on our show. You can expect to listen to stories of spiritual journey's, spirit communication, ghost encounters, learning tarot reading, dealing with death, power of healing energy, crystal talk, insightful intuition, protection, witchcraft and the occult, cryptids, and more!

Where to watch our podcast

HauntingLive Podcast is available on many different podcast platforms. You can watch every episode on our YouTube channel @hauntinglive.

You can listen to our podcast on your favourite podcast app anytime. We're found on Spotify, Apple ITunes, Amazon Music, IHearRadio and many more. Click here to listen on Podbean.

Rhode Island Broadcasting

HauntingLive Podcast has been with Rhode Island Broadcasting since 2021. They reached out to our show to replay our episodes on their social media network where you can catch each of our episodes if you miss them on our channel.

Rhode Island Broadcasting has many other shows they air on their network along with HauntingLive episodes and ParaDoc Series specials that we encourage you to check out.