Hosts of HauntingLIVE! Podcast:
Chris Larocque & Trevor Bishop

HauntingLIVE! Podcast is helping people to understand the Spiritual Paranormal world a lot better, we have over 10 years with working in this field and over 200 cases in Ontario Canada, We have worked with top names in the Spiritual Paranormal world from people being on TV Shows and people who lead classes and workshops.

We're always bringing people to help with their needs and for people to understand what they are being faced with. HauntingLIVE! Podcast takes each and every new case with the grain of salt and if we have been working on the same case we treat it like a new one. All of our cases that we work on as done with a full contract and if the location has set rules we take the rule and obey with them for the safety of the client and for the safety of our crew.


If your being faced as we have in our past with the Spiritual Paranormal world don't be scared but let us know and we would like to help you out.


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DISCLAIMER:  Haunting LIVE / OGPS Filming takes our work very seriously, if there is any kind of slander to any of our work we will take action to the next level of law. Libel and Slander Act which prohibits the dissemination of defamatory comments, specifically, spoken or written words that discredit an individual in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally. The law of defamation across Canada and particularly under the Libel and Slander Act in Ontario is of particular importance to many, if not most charitable and not-for-profit organisations for a number of reasons. Most charitable and not-for-profit organisations, even the smallest entities. 

All of our filming that we do on any location we do under the License under 9166483 Canada Inc. This is for HauntingLIVE! Podcast of Chris Larocque & Trevor Bishop and anytime that there is filming to be done HauntingLIVE! Podcast / OGPS Filming will show up on any location with the license Agreement and has been issued on June 11, 2015.  Filming will be done at any events that we hold. We are also a Registered with the Ontario Government to sell items with HauntingLIVE! Podcast.