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Spirit Animals

Discover your spirit animal, We all have Spirit Animals that guide us on our spirit walk, the animals is dedicated to provide a platform where anyone can share information, experiences, and questions and learn more about the meanings of their spirit animal.

Following the footsteps of traditions from all around the world, this guide on spirit animals also offers a contemporary perspective on this fascinating subject. Blending modern psychology, intuitive work, in-depth research, and personal experience, it provides information easy to read and understand for anyone curious about animals and their power.

Each Native American Zodiac will be listed,  This will only take please when the zodiac's change.

So keep watch for your's

July 23 to August 22

Do you need the courage to pounce on an opportunity or defeat a foe? Are you having trouble speaking your truth? Lion, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Lion teaches you how to walk your path with integrity and honour! Delve into Lion symbolism and meaning to find out how your Animal Spirit Guide can inspire, strengthen, and motivate you.

Lion Symbolism & Meaning

Throughout the ancient world, the vibrant yellow mane of the Lion made it a natural solar symbol. Like the Sun, the King of the Beasts comes roaring into your spiritual journey with raw power, courage, and aggressiveness. But, by way of dichotomy, Cats are nocturnal. So, Lion Energy cloaks your spirit in the lunar power of night. When the world sleeps, the Big Cats are everywhere yet unseen, communicating yet unheard, and prowling yet immobile.

Depictions of Lions are millennia-old throughout the world. Some revered the Lioness as the provider for the pride, and the meaning of providence and hunting skill remains intact. In Egypt, for example, the Sphinx has Lion’s body, which was a sacred symbol of the Goddess who safeguarded the pharaohs in the afterlife. The Sun God Mithra's was a Solar deity associated with Lion and often portrayed with a Lion’s head.

Lion Totem Animal

If Lion is your Totem Animal, you face challenges head-on, without fear. You are cunning and have the strength to outlast the competition, no matter what. Though a bit of a wild child, if you’ve got the heart of a Lion, you have the uncanny ability to stay motionless and silent; your ease with stillness and silence makes you a natural in meditation and trance work.

Lion People make for some of the best leaders. They are adept at dealing with less-than-cooperative groups. Lion People dare to make whatever changes necessary to protect the figurative pride.


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