White Aragonite #1


White Aragonite


White Aragonite


Aragonite is well known for its earthy energies. It is therefore a great healer for the Earth and your environment. It helps you be conscious of your place in this world and how you can preserve it for your own future and future generations.


Besides being a very grounding stone, Aragonite possesses the following metaphysical properties:

  • Aragonite gets to the root of your problems, clearing your mind to deal with the solution rather than get mired in the irrelevant details.

  • It is a patient stone, calming the nerves and letting you work through the problem at hand in a mellow fashion.

  • Aragonite is a stone of responsibility, helping keep you on the right track on your life's path.

  • Aragonite helps to ground you to physical reality through the Root Chakra.

How to use Aragonite Stones

  • Place Aragonite spheres or figurines at your workplace to stay grounded and motivated on your projects.

  • Place Aragonite stones at your Solar Plexus Chakra to stabilize the emotions.

  • Raw Aragonite Clusters can be placed on stands and make an earthy display in your home, office and garden.

  • Wear Aragonite jewellery for a boho chic statement.

  • Arrange Aragonite tumbled stones around you as you lie in a crystal healing grid to keep your body grounded to Earth while your soul goes wandering through its Astral travels.

  • Hold an Aragonite sphere or egg during meditation to hone in on your spiritual pursuits.

  • Gaze into an Aragonite crystal to find your centre and imagine all of your energies evenly radiating out of it.

White Aragonite 2" to 4" (1 Chunk)

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