Sweet Grass Braid - Local, Organic - 18" to 24"


Sweet Grass

Sweet grass is one of the most important Native American ceremonial plants, used by many tribes as an incense and purifying herb. Sweet grass symbolizes healing, peace, and spirituality in many Native cultures, and braids of sweet grass are sometimes left as offerings at graves and sacred sites.


Sweet grass is a fragrant, perennial and rhizomatous grass which reaches 30 inches high with hollow stems and hairless having open sheaths. Leaf blades are flat, glamorous measuring 10-30 cm. (3.9-11.8 in.) long. An inflorescence is open panicle measuring 4-9 cm. (1.6-3.5 in.) long. Lower branches are drooping to spreading. Spiklelets are three flowered: two lowest florets are staminate and uppermost is perfect. It is an early blooming plant which flowers from May to July.

The herb is helpful for treating common cold as well as flu. The herbal tea of sweet grass is helpful for treating cold and fever. The tea is effective for soothing sore throat and provides relief from cough. Native Indians burn sweet grass and inhale the smoke to provide relief from cold and symptoms such as nose congestion.

Sweet Grass Braid - Local, Organic - 18" to 24"

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