Laser Point


Laser Quartz Crystal is a type of Quartz point that is long & slender, gently tapering towards the termination with small, narrow faces. Often etched on the surface, they are similar to Lemurian quartz.


Laser Quartz is excellent for energy work & a powerful healing tool that should be used with caution. The energy of Laser Quartz Crystals are focused through the tip & they should never be randomly pointed at anyone and only used with clarity of intention. Laser Quartz focuses, concentrates & accelerates energy into a tight beam that acts like a laser.


Other Laser Quartz crystal healing meanings include:

  • Suitable for psychic surgery

  • Detaches energetic attachments, negative or inappropriate ties to other people, attitudes & emotions

  • Can be used for targeted healing

  • Dissolves & removes energy blockages

  • Cuts away negativity of any kind

  • Accesses Lemurian & Atlantian information

  • Facilitates shamanic healing

  • Provides a source of divine white light

  • fFocuses protective energy around yourself or others

  • Opens all Chakras

  • Powerfully protects both your aura & physical body

Laser Point Necklace - Gold Chain 14"

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