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Trevor Bishop - Host of HauntingLIVE! Podcast

- Has experience in the technology field

​- Has sensitive abilities towards spirits (Clairaudience)

- EVP analyzer for our team

​- Camera Operator

​- Host and Producer​ of HauntingLIVE! Podcast

- Video Editor
- Paranormal Consultant

Trevor noticed at the age of 25 that he could sense when spirits are around him. Child spirits are especially drawn to him, Trevor has a younger and more calmer energy. 

Trevor's abilities include hearing spirits, called "Clairaudience". The first time that Trevor noticed that this was when he was at a Historical Site when no one was around him he heard a spirit said "Hello, How do you do?" from then Trevor can pick up the energy and words when the Spirit wish to talk to him. He has a background in computers and technology, he is also the team's EVP analyzer as he has an ear for that with a background in Radio Broadcasting.​​

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