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From the age of 6, I was drawn to the Spiritual world. I have studied the Spiritual world from the christian view and to myself it seamed that there was a lot more out there with the Spiritual World,  Over the year's I have studied the spiritual world with taking to the books and working with top names from the UK and understanding the was that the Spiritual community across the pond look and work with the spirit's.  I have taken courses online and understands the Spiritual world more as a Spiritual  Medium that I'am.  

I don't believe in using the Paranormal Tools but to use more of the sensibility that I've learned how to master, but if the tools are used it's to show the clients that there is something there. 

I have been doing Spiritual Readings from the age of 8 with using normal deck of playing cards and started with Dreams, what they mean and how to work with the Spiritual side.  Then how to use my three's eye more with training in the Mental Health work to know if the clients need help or if it's the Spiritual world.  I'am a Spiritual Medium and in 2021 I became a certified Oracle Reading with a Energy Light Warrior. 


Chris is 3rd ​Generation Eastern Swampy Cree, and stays close to his background. He works with the Spiritual World, this allows his Indigenous Spirit Guides to come foreword to allow him to work within the Spiritual World.

Chris's first spiritual encounter was at the age of 6, he woke up in the middle of the night and saw two spirits come up from the middle of the floor and stood there at his doorway, when he saw this he pinched himself to see if it was all true and to see if he was awake, This took place at his bedroom door.  at the time he could make out what the spirits where wearing: Blue jean jackets and one of the spirits has blond hair while the other one had bark hair but both of them had bike helmets, they were talking to both each other then they floated to the ceiling and they where gone, he never told anyone as he use to go to church, but he did asked the Pastors “OK, you believe in heaven but when people pass that?” The pastor never said a thing after the question that was asked.

​Chris has learned at a younger age that one of his Spirit Guides is his Great Great Grandmother, when she was walking on the earth she was Eastern Swampy Cree and also a Spiritual Doctor,

Chris says: I have learned so much and when I do meditation she is the first one that comes to me and it feels like that she is putting a nice warm blanket around me, I have her with me when I am doing up my feathers work and some of my other wood work. 

Chris over the years has grown very strong with the Spiritual World,  Some of his gifts that he has  learned over the years he does bring forward and does offer to share in the teachings that he does offer yearly. 

- Spiritual Medium​, 
- Paranormal Consultant​
- Energy Readings​
- Spiritual Trance Channelling

​- 3rd ​Generation Native Indian with training in the Spiritual World

- Spiritual Astral Projection

- Spiritual Teacher

- Spiritual Teaching

- Energy Light Warrior 

Spiritual Medium Desiree Lee and Medium Chris are both
Certified Oracle Reader 
and Energy Light Warrior's.

What The Heck Are Oracle Cards?

If you’re not into Greco-Roman history or mythology, you may not be familiar with the word “oracle.” The definition of oracle essentially boils down to a person or thing that gives a prediction or reveals knowledge from a divine source. Famous examples include the Oracle of Delphi, through whom the god Apollo spoke. 

The word itself derives from Middle English, which was heavily influenced by Latin and Old French. It originally meant “to speak,” since that was oracles generally did. The same root also gave birth to the word “oration,” which means to give a speech. 

Oracle cards generally accomplish the same thing. Most divination practitioners consider the Lenormand deck to be first oracle deck. The Lenormand deck was named after the famed Madame Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand. She was a fortune-teller for Empress Josephine Bonaparte-- yes THAT Bonaparte’s wife!-- who used a deck of cards designed to her specifications. Madame Lenormand practiced in the 1800’s. 

However, recently an older oracle deck has come to light. The Burning Serpent Deck was published in 1775, well before the Lenormand deck. The two decks share some specific cards with each other and some tarot decks that were out at the time. The Burning Serpent Deck was designed to be both a divination device and a game of moral storytelling called “Hope.” 

Today’s oracle decks are just as sophisticated but definitely not designed for storytelling. 

Oracle decks are built differently

Tarot decks have a prescribed number of cards--78-- and each deck contains the same cards. No matter which way they’re styled, tarot decks will always have Major & Minor Arcane and Court Cards. They might have slightly different names or appear in different orders, but that’s it. Study and memorise their meanings and you can pick up and use any tarot deck that pleases you. Their meanings are deliberately universal. 

Oracle decks are much freer in form. The structure of each oracle deck is entirely up to the creators, so it’s necessary to take some time initially to read the guidebook and learn the cards. Oracle decks have no rules-- unlike tarot-- which means that each card’s meanings and the deck’s usage are very personal to the creator. 

The goals of each type of divination are different, too. Both aim to give advice, but oracle decks go a step further. They actually aim to develop intuition and thinking skills in their readers. They’re also often more focused on inspiring readers and prompting self-analysis, rather than the sometimes-sombre truth of the tarot. Oracle cards help us to really see the path we are manifesting and show us how to break patterns. 

That’s not to say that tarot reading can’t do that either, but oracle decks do it much more accessibly. Tarot has a grandness to it that often scares people away-- oracle cards can feel much more personal due to their lack of tradition.

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Spiritual Medium Chris has been working in the spiritual world
for over 40 Years and does does offer teachings.

1/4 Hour Reading - $45.00
1 Hour Reading - $65.00


** Angel Reading's

** Ancestor Spirit
** Animal Spirit Guide Reading's
** Indigenous Reading's


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Spiritual Medium Chris is a Certified Oracle Reader and a

Energy Light Warrior.

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Saturday Nights

Spiritual Medium Desiree Lee who offer you FREE 
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Ask question's to the Spirits and see what they
want you to know.

Both Chris and Desiree Lee are 3rd Generation Indigenous and follow like their Ancestors have read in the past.  ​


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Feel free to ask about a specific situation, such as your love life or career, or simply ask the deck,"What do I need to know today?" This Free on Mini Readings

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Come on out and learn ways to get in touch with the Spiritual World with Trevor from HauntingLIVE! Podcast, and Chris from Divine Angel Readings, They have worked with the Spiritual World for over 20 years and have been seen on TV Shows and heard Radio Stations. The HauntingLIVE! Podcast, holds a Podcast where they have had top people on from across the world and interview them. You can catch on your Podcast App.


This Year's Special Guest are:

This year we welcome Spiritual Medium Mary-Anne Kennedy from the Ghosts of Dufferin County & Beyond. With the Queen of Ooga Booga Sally Diane who has been working with the Spiritual for over 40 years in the States and Canada and holds her own YouTube Show on Sunday night's at 9:00 pm est.


This Full Day workshop start your day off with the Spiritual Workshop and get to know the Spiritual World a lot more then you know, and End the night with a Paranormal Investigation of the Lucas House and the Grounds around the home that goes back to the 1800's and where film crews filmed TV Show where they could not film at night cause of the Energy..

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